The Springs


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The Springs is a limited edition artist book
17 x 21,5 cm softcover, offset
48 pages, 30 plates
First Edition, edition  of 250 copies
Shipping June 2020
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The book is published by KGP Books. +KGP collaborates with artists to create limited edition publications and archival prints, focusing on contemporary photography and works on paper. KGP Books focuses their publishing efforts on stories that empower the long forgotten and underrepresented. These stories deal with issues of race, policy, social awareness, feminism, culture, and wealth. Their goal is to make books and prints affordable to every level of collector.

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17 x 21,5 cm softcover, offset
48 pages, 30 plates
First Edition, limited edition to 250 copies

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Vegas is a living metaphor conjured from desert dust: the promise of a good job or a change of luck, crashing up against the Sierra Nevada range, then washing back across a nuclear test site and the harsh threat of environmental meltdown. This unlikely place, a reminder of the optimism or sheer willpower of the people who converted a desert mirage into a dream city, offers a close up and reality check on the notion that anything is possible, anywhere. Twenty-five years after my first summer there, I decided to return to the places where the hermetic subdivisions and playgrounds peter out on the multitudes who try their odds living there.

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